Put In Bay, Ohio
May 2011
This year, we decided to try a different season for our mini vacation to Put In Bay. We also wanted to see what it was like on a weekend. Well, we got a late start but did make it up to the island about 5:00 pm on the Saturday before the Memorial day weekend. It wasn't super busy yet. The craziness on the weekends actually starts on Memorial day and runs through Labor day. As it turns out, it is probably good that we weren't here when the island was packed. I don't particularly like that scene.
Anyway, the weather was great. There was a few sprinkles on Saturday night. Sunday was a bit warm for me (high in the lower 80s). There was a storm late Sunday night, but we put our bikes on the covered porch of the B&B. We didn't have to wait on a table for lunch or dinner, and we didn't have to dodge tons of cars.

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